We envision a future where women-led companies have access to capital, mentorship and a deep network of industry experts required to successfully catapult their businesses. 


Female founders are a force to be reckoned with - and yet are part of an untapped venture capital landscape. How Women Invest is a venture capital firm that identifies high potential women-led companies by leveraging our professional network of over 13,000 professional women. We provide the starter fuel and mentoring to propel these fearless women to victory.

A sister organization to How Women Lead (HWL), How Women Invest is deeply rooted in How Women Lead’s mission to disrupt the antiquated and unequal landscape impacting women. Living by How Women Lead's credoHow Women Invest is dedicated to shifting the venture capital landscape by supporting women-led companies, with a focus on women of color. 

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Our investment decisions are enhanced by an investment council comprised of investment experts who cover a broad of range of industry sectors and corporate stages of growth. Strategic advisors support How Women Invest's operations and ensure that our firm and its investment vehicles serve our investors with the highest quality of service and engagement.