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When We Invest, We Mean It

Our Commitment

We are committed to a transparent, quick process and make significant investments with the full power of our ecosystem behind our founders.

We invest significantly and for the long journey

Once you've entered our pipeline, the reviewing process takes 4-6 weeks

50% of our founders are experienced women of color

Our investment opens your world with access to other venture capitalists & more

We offer strategic support and advisors from our network to help you scale

Do You Think You're a Good Fit for Investment?


Female founded/led with a focus on Women of Color


Target market over $500+ million, preference for B2B commercialization

US Based
HWL Webinar Recording Store Images (84).

Beyond Proof of  Concept

Diverse clients and/or contracts in place

Clear Exit Strategy within 5-7 Years

Pre-Seed stage through Series B investment rounds

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