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Women are an asset class
and the time is now


Women generate 35% greater return than companies founded by men. Black women return the most.


Women founders hire 6 times more women with equal pay


Only 5% of accredited women invest in Venture 

Our Investment Criteria

Our fund is singularly devoted to investing in companies founded or co-founded by women. This focus stems from an acute awareness of the underrepresentation and underfunding of women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

By channeling investments into these companies, the fund not only promotes gender diversity but also taps into the often-overlooked potential and unique perspectives brought by women leaders.

Female founders return 78 cents for every dollar invested as compared to their male counterparts who return 38 cents for every dollar invested. Investing in women is good for people, the planet, AND profits.

funding Women,
Transforming Ventures

How Women Invest is more than an investment fund; it's a beacon of change in a world where equity in funding is still a distant dream for many. Born from the robust network of How Women Lead, our approach is vibrant, proactive, and unapologetically focused on women, especially women of color. With a 100% women-led team, 50% of whom are women of color, we're not just talking about change; we're living it. Our investment thesis is grounded in optimism, transparency, and a relentless drive to rewrite the narrative for women entrepreneurs.

We focus exclusively on women-founded companies – a sector bursting with untapped potential. Our data speaks volumes: women start 40% of all businesses but receive only 2% of venture funding. We see this gap not as a challenge but as a boundless opportunity to harness untapped potential and drive superior returns.

Over 12 years, we've built a values-aligned network of influencers, decision-makers, and operational experts. Sourcing 70% of our deals from this network, we fuel women founders with more than just capital. We offer market access, business development support, and robust partnerships with over 80 VC firms, ensuring our portfolio companies are set for success.


What sets this fund apart is not just its focus on women entrepreneurs but also its commitment to revolutionizing the investor-founder relationship, emphasizing respect, promptness, and a supportive approach in all our interactions.

Our Commitment:

  • Returns for Investors: Our disciplined investment model, aligned with measured growth and creative structuring, aims for significant returns.

  • Founder-Centric Approach: We put entrepreneurs first, tailoring our processes to their unique needs.

  • Inclusivity in Venture Capital: We're dedicated to demonstrating that venture capital can and should be inclusive of historically excluded groups.

  • Activating New Women Investors: We're committed to creating pathways for new women investors, enhancing diversity in the investment landscape.

Why 100% Women-Founded Companies?

  • Innovation Across Sectors: Women lead with unique innovations across all sectors, offering a blue ocean for investment.

  • Superior Returns: Women-founded companies are not just about fairness; they're about financial prudence, earning 26% more for investors.

Our Priority Sectors:

  • Planet/Climate: We're tapping into this sector's urgency and innovation potential, backed by significant investment opportunities.

  • Health: Addressing the unique needs of women and children in healthcare reveals significant market gaps ripe for innovation.

  • Future of Work: We're at the forefront of supporting innovations in remote working environments, employee mobility, and AI-driven solutions.

Track Record of Success:

  • Capital Raising: 80% of our companies have successfully raised capital post our initial investment.

  • Investing in Serial Entrepreneurs: We have a strong track record with 30% in Fund I/II and 60% in Fund III being serial entrepreneurs.

  • High-Impact Returns: Aligning with Morgan Stanley's insights, we believe that investing in female-founded startups could significantly enhance returns for LPs.

Our investment approach is disciplined yet dynamic:

  • Sourcing Deals: Leveraging our network to identify and support the best opportunities.

  • Expertise Utilization: Drawing on the subject matter expertise of our investors and network.

  • VC Collaborations: Building strong relationships with other VCs for insights and collaborative success.

  • Strategic Involvement: Taking board seats to protect our investments and support growth.

  • Anti-Dilution Management: Maintaining capital reserves for strategic anti-dilution efforts.

  • Strategic Advisory: Providing M&A and strategic advisory for optimal exits.

This fund stands at the intersection of financial prudence and social impact, offering a unique opportunity for investors to participate in reshaping the business landscape toward greater gender inclusivity. 

At How Women Invest, we're not just investing in companies; we're investing in a movement. Our fund stands as a testament to what's possible when we set a new standard in investor-founder relations and give women the right support, resources, and respect. Join us in this exhilarating journey to transform the investment landscape and unlock the extraordinary potential of women entrepreneurs.

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