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If you were referred to How Women Invest, please include the full name of the individual and/or organization

One of the success factors for our fund is investing in companies founded by women of color. If you want to skip this question, please select "Prefer Not To Say."

Are you a first generation inmigrant?
Are you a first time founder?
Is your company located in the United States?

Currently HWI is investing only in the US.

Is your company structured as QSBS?

QSBS definition:

Generated only by the main product/service.

We are entrepreneur-centric and seek to be transparent throughout the due diligence process. As such, our evaluation process can take up to three months.

i.e. convertible note, SAFE, preferred equity, etc.

Select the industry that best describes your company and product/service.

Will this company's product require approval by a Federal agency?

Please note that given our investment period, we are sensitive to any approval process that impacts immediate revenue generation.

If required do you currently have FDA approval?
Is the business 100% female-founded (no male co-founders) and is it majority led by a female?

Our fund was created to support founders who identify as female. Hence, our investment thesis is focused on addressing the less than 3% of venture funding allocated to female founders. 
If your company is co-founded by a male partner, your company is not eligible for investment as How Women Invest aims to address specifically the mere 3% of capital being allocated to companies with female founders.

Summarize your business case, including description and size of target market.

Please note our target return for our portfolio companies is 10x within 5-7 years of our first investment. 

HWI seeks to invest in tech-enabled companies that are commercialized and in process of scaling.

Would you like to be considered for future How Women Invest | How Women Lead networking events or pitch competitions?

If none, please write "N/A."

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