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Driving Equity

in Venture

How Women Invest
is a Venture Capital Firm

With Investment Across 3 Funds




We leverage a professional network

of 20,000+ women

to identify high-potential female founders

and give them the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Women Backing Women

We are actively empowering women-led companies with immediate access to capital as well as mentorship and a robust network of industry experts, essential for catapulting their businesses to success now.

Disrupting Venture Capital

We are creating a more equitable playing field by:

Investing exclusively in women-led companies.

Creating an onramp for other women investors

Leveraging top industry leaders
to help women-led companies scale

Reinventing Female-led venture

Dispelling the Myths About Women Founders & Investors:

Our data-driven approach showcases the exceptional innovation and higher returns of female-led ventures, challenging the outdated view that women are less effective or efficient as entrepreneurs or investors.


Simultaneously, we're overturning the misconception of inefficiency in women-driven funds. Our operational excellence, highlighted by prompt and respectful communication with founders, sets a new industry standard. This not only enhances the founder's experience but also ensures meticulous due diligence.


By embodying these principles, we create a nurturing and safe space for entrepreneurs, where their ideas are valued and their growth is supported, reinforcing our commitment to fostering a more equitable and successful investment environment.

Making Waves
In The News

Our History
and Milestones

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Our Managing Partner

Julie Castro Abrams

Julie Castro Abrams is a gender and racial justice activist who has spent the majority of her career working to build great women-owned companies and economic access for women. She works with top executive women to change structures that are unequal. Her leadership impact includes changing laws on women on corporate boards, doing movement building to ensure women put board service on their path, and placing women on boards. 

An experienced CEO and sought-after speaker on entrepreneurship and how women lead, she is widely recognized because of her unique ability to connect people and facilitate rich conversations that make change happen. Thousands of new businesses attribute their launch and growth to her support which has resulted in millions toward the economic growth in communities. She is a leader in the country's movement to build and fund start-ups. As the General Partner for three venture funds focussed exclusively on funding women she is working to change the fact that women only receive 2.4% of venture funding.

Julie has won many awards including the Jobs Genius Award, Morgan Stanley Innovation Award, Cisco Innovation in Technology, "Women Who Could Be President" League of Women Voters, Stevie Award for Best Non-Profit Executive, Human Rights Award from the Commission on the Status of Women, the Women of Color Action Network, Leadership California and the Marin Women's Hall of Fame. 

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Our Limited Partners

Women control 50% of wealth and, with only 5% of accredited women investing as venture capitalists, we have a huge opportunity to reshuffle the deckBy engaging in VC, women are regaining power, affluence, and influence.



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