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Q2 How Women Invest Portfolio Roundup

Have you missed any recent news or updates about our How Women Invest portfolio companies? No worries! You can catch up on everything with our Quarterly How Women Invest Portfolio Roundup.

Here’s what you should know:


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We received a 2X return in 6 months from our Fund I portfolio company LongGame! Our Fund 1 portfolio company Long Game, a gamified finance mobile app that empowers Gen-Z and millennials to develop healthy financial habits, a women-founded & women-led company announced its sale to Truist (NYSE: TFC)! As part of the acquisition, Long Game's engineers, designers and business leaders will join Truist's growing Innovation team. Long Game Co-founder and CEO Lindsay Holden will lead a team of engineers, product managers and designers responsible for technology innovation and development of new client-centric solutions. The team will be based in San Francisco, CA.

This is the first of many big wins! Congratulations to founder, Lindsay Holden, all of our LPs, and my Managing Partner Erika Cramer. This is what women accomplish when we put our brains and pockets together! Learn more about the sale here.

Our Fund I portfolio company BabyQuip, a baby gear rental marketplace led by Latina CEO and Founder Fran Maier, announced yesterday the closing of its seed round at $3.4 Million AND being listed on the A16z list of top marketplace companies. Fran has been a founder of many successful businesses, including, which she co-founded. She is using her innovative experience to raise BabyQuip to be the largest consumer-facing marketplace startup for women and families in over 900 locations in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Our venture capital firm is proud to be backing Fran, BabyQuip, and over one thousand jobs created for women. Read more about BabyQuip. Here’s how BabyQuip raised $3.4 M.

Our Fund II portfolio company RevWork Inc., a "nudge technology" learning and development (L&D) Software-as-a-Service (Saas) platform, led by CEO and Founder Denise Hummel, announced today that our venture firm How Women Invest has kicked off its $1 Million pre-seed round with a $250,000 investment. RevWork Inc. is coining the phrase "nudge technology" because its customizable L&D platform is tailored to help operational managers in all sectors within an organization and individual professionals reprogram and solve for loose ends within human behavior at work. After all, we all know too well that behavior change does not start just because we decide for it too. RevWork Inc. is the tool that implements human behavior change. Here's what you need to know about RevWork Inc.


There is a place for you in this movement to disrupt the unequal capital landscape. Here are two easy things you can do today: Tell every woman founder you know seeking venture funding to check us out and please help us find Men who are accredited investors to take our investor survey for our national research on how women are investing. More information below.

  1. Have you ever thought about being an investor in start-ups? How about investing alongside the top women leaders in the US? If you would like to explore investing with us, we would be happy to share how we did it and you can be part of our success. Learn more about our venture firm here -

  2. To those of you who have already responded to our #investorsurvey, thank you so much! Can we ask you for ONE MORE BIG FAVOR?? Please ask 3 male accredited investors you know who DO and DO NOT invest in startups to complete the survey, too! We’ve extended the survey deadline to May 31, 2022. To clarify, accredited investors are typically high-net-worth individuals with the means and experience to trade private, riskier investments. Ask your husbands, male friends, and colleagues! Men are a key demographic that will help us diversify our findings across genders and age groups. The more responses we have, the more accurate the results will be! Link to survey here -

About How Women Invest

How Women Invest, the sister organization to How Women Lead (HWL), is deeply rooted in HWL's mission to disrupt the antiquated and unequal landscape impacting women. Living by the CREDO established in the HWL community, How Women Invest is dedicated to shifting the venture capital landscape by supporting women-led companies, with a focus on women of color. The collective mission is to inspire a community of 10,000 first-time female investors and create an infrastructure to enable women of all backgrounds to invest and support under-represented and under-capitalized female founders. The funds systematically leverage its diverse community and limited partnerships for deal sourcing, industry knowledge, domain expertise, and more. For more information, visit


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